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As has been reported previously, Threshold—which could be called Windows 9—will ship in April 2015. It will be a major Windows version, with many changes. And it will most certainly have some new name, if only to distance the product from Windows 8, a brand that, like Windows Vista, is forever tarnished.
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The Internet of Things comes to your home

One of the hot topics these days is the Internet of Things (IOT). People have been talking about the day when almost any device, gadget, or home appliance will be connected to the Internet. Will you soon be able to control all your home appliances remotely? Many say that this development is coming in the near future.

Internet of things in the home

Or is the IOT already here? At InfoWorld, Robert Mitchell says you can have Internet-connected household appliances right now:

The Internet of things is changing simple homes into smart homes, where everything from your lights to your locks can be controlled from your smartphone. Here are a few products that can help you get started.