How hacked email accounts are used

Charting the use of stolen email accounts
Source: Krebs on Security

A free upgrade for Windows??

At ComputerWorld, Gregg Keizer discusses how Microsoft will try to make us forget the failure of Windows 8 as it moves to Windows 9 (aka “Threshold”). He even makes this suggestion:

If Microsoft wants to air out the stink of 8 from the Windows domicile as quickly as possible, it must give away the Threshold upgrade. It would simply be the smart thing to do.

Giving away an upgrade to a new version of Windows would certainly be a different tack for Microsoft. It would have been inconceivable in the Ballmer-Gates regimes.

Quote of the week

With a list of non-features slated to be rolled out next week in what was once called Windows 8.1 Update 2, Microsoft has made clear it’s given up on improving the struggling operating system, and instead focusing on Windows 9.
Preston Gralla at ComputerWorld

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Which operating systems are being used on PCs

Microsoft keeps trying as hard as it can to exterminate Windows XP and the tech journalists keep telling everybody how stupid they are to keep using the venerable old operating system but XP lives on. Here are some recent figures from the desktop statistics gathered by NetMarketShare. Windows XP is still on a quarter of the world’s PCs and considerably outnumbers the total of Windows 8.x versions in use.

Vivat XP!
Operating system market share
Source: NetMarketShare