Summing up the social networks

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How to check if a website is vulnerable to Heartbleed

heartbleedWorried about the new security problem called “Heartbleed”?
Here is a way to check if a site is vulnerable. Go to

Future of the Internet of things

Internet of things future

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Quote of the week

You just got burned in an argument because, once again, you quoted something you saw on social media. While we all know it, it’s sometimes hard to remember that facts are not the foundation on which social media is built.
George Root at MakeUseOf

Sympathy for loss of beloved device

Sympathy card
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Computers have come a long way

Below is my first computer. It’s the Univac I that I used in graduate school at Harvard in 1956-57. Below that is a recent Intel wearable computer device. Its computing power is far greater than that of the Univac. We’ve come a long way.

From this:

Univac I

To this:

Intel wearable computer

Source of Intel picture: Techspot