Windows XP

Wednesday links

The death of Windows XP will impact 95 percent of the world’s ATMsMicrosoft’s 12-year-old Windows XP operating system powers 95 percent of the world’s automated teller machines, according to NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US. While the idea of Windows powering ATMs may surprise consumers, XP runs in the background powering the software […]

Is Windows 7 the new XP?

Anecdotal evidence is accumulating that Windows 7 may take over Windows XP’s role as the operating system that users refuse to give up. In fact, quite a few businesses and institutions are just now converting to Windows 7. They are not about to make yet another conversion any time soon. Of course, Microsoft makes money […]

Monday links

When Google closes the Nest deal, privacy issues for the internet of things will hit the big timeGoogle intends to buy a connected thermostat that knows when you’re home and where you are within it. Given Google’s quest to index all the world’s information, this deal should jumpstart the conversation about privacy and the internet […]

Monday links

How Bluetooth 4.1 and BLE Will Drive New InnovationBluetooth 4.1 and its revolutionary low-energy function (BLE) will find its way into fitness gadgets, medical devices, connected home, retail stores, and more—Tim Bajarin at PCMag Is 2014 the Year of the Connected Home?Claire Cain Miller writes at the New York Times Bits blog about the future […]

Monday links

Microsoft’s bet on touch PCs fails to pay offBuyers reject touchscreen notebooks, spooked by higher prices and concerns about value of Windows 8′s touch UI—Gregg Keizer at Computerworld How You Can Buy Whatever Reputation You WantIn NY Magazine, Graeme Wood writes about how you can buy whatever reputation on the web that you want. High-Tech […]

Where to get computer information

Computers are complex and Windows computers even more so. Not only do you have to deal with a complicated system, no one tells you how to use it. When you first get a Windows PC, there is very little instruction on how to do anything or how to deal with the inevitable problems. So where […]

Windows XP is not on its deathbed

In spite of its age, Windows XP is still a widely used operating system with around a 39% market share. Microsoft is desperate to kill XP and sell Windows 8 but XP satisfies the needs of a lot of people and and millions are stubbornly clinging to their old systems. What we are seeing is […]