Windows 9

The vanishing of Windows 9

Microsoft announced the name of its next big Windows release and it was a surprise. The next Windows will skip over 9, right to Windows 10. As many had predicted, the Start Menu is back along with other retrograde features. Microsoft is tacitly admitting that Windows 8 was a big mistake. Here are two links […]

A free upgrade for Windows??

At ComputerWorld, Gregg Keizer discusses how Microsoft will try to make us forget the failure of Windows 8 as it moves to Windows 9 (aka “Threshold”). He even makes this suggestion: If Microsoft wants to air out the stink of 8 from the Windows domicile as quickly as possible, it must give away the Threshold […]

Quote of the week

As has been reported previously, Threshold—which could be called Windows 9—will ship in April 2015. It will be a major Windows version, with many changes. And it will most certainly have some new name, if only to distance the product from Windows 8, a brand that, like Windows Vista, is forever tarnished.—Paul Thurrott

Quote of the week

Dear Microsoft: Give me back the Start Menu now!—Preston Gralla commenting at Computerworld on Microsoft saying the Windows Start Menu may return at some unspecified future time.

Monday links

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