Windows 9

A free upgrade for Windows??

At ComputerWorld, Gregg Keizer discusses how Microsoft will try to make us forget the failure of Windows 8 as it moves to Windows 9 (aka “Threshold”). He even makes this suggestion: If Microsoft wants to air out the stink of 8 from the Windows domicile as quickly as possible, it must give away the Threshold […]

Quote of the week

As has been reported previously, Threshold—which could be called Windows 9—will ship in April 2015. It will be a major Windows version, with many changes. And it will most certainly have some new name, if only to distance the product from Windows 8, a brand that, like Windows Vista, is forever tarnished.—Paul Thurrott

Quote of the week

Dear Microsoft: Give me back the Start Menu now!—Preston Gralla commenting at Computerworld on Microsoft saying the Windows Start Menu may return at some unspecified future time.

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Insightful analysis of what’s happening to Microsoft Windows

Paul Thurrott is a long-time observer of Microsoft and has written many books and articles about Windows and other Microsoft products. He has recently written a number of articles about the failure of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s falling behind in the mobile era. Thurrott is not a Microsoft basher. In fact. he has been a […]