Windows 8

Quote of the week

Microsoft’s tablet vision was bold, and beautiful. But with the introduction of Surface 3, it’s dead.—Matt Baxter-Reynolds at ZDNet

Quote of the week

There was no excuse for the unusable mess that was the initial Windows 8 when used with a keyboard and mouse. With all the latest updates it’s not bad at all, especially with two monitors.—Larry Seltzer at ZDNet

Monday links

What you need to know about 3D printers for today and tomorrowBeyond the hype, there are real uses for this technology, but also some key barriers yet to be addressed—Galen Gruman at InfoWorld The Web at 25 in the U.S.Report about Internet usage in the US from the Pew Research Internet Project FTC: Identity theft […]

Quote of the week

As far as Microsoft interfaces go, the live tiles that are the major feature of the home screens of Windows Phone and Windows 8 haven’t been around very long. Even so, given how ineffective they are, it’s been far too long.—James Kendrick , Mobile News columnist at ZDNet.

Insightful analysis of what’s happening to Microsoft Windows

Paul Thurrott is a long-time observer of Microsoft and has written many books and articles about Windows and other Microsoft products. He has recently written a number of articles about the failure of Windows 8 and Microsoft’s falling behind in the mobile era. Thurrott is not a Microsoft basher. In fact. he has been a […]