Windows 7

Which operating systems are being used on PCs

Microsoft keeps trying as hard as it can to exterminate Windows XP and the tech journalists keep telling everybody how stupid they are to keep using the venerable old operating system but XP lives on. Here are some recent figures from the desktop statistics gathered by NetMarketShare. Windows XP is still on a quarter of […]

Is Windows 7 the new XP?

Anecdotal evidence is accumulating that Windows 7 may take over Windows XP’s role as the operating system that users refuse to give up. In fact, quite a few businesses and institutions are just now converting to Windows 7. They are not about to make yet another conversion any time soon. Of course, Microsoft makes money […]

The truth about consumer computing is finally being recognized

As I have been saying for years, it has long been obvious that Windows was a bad consumer operating system. Whatever its virtues in the enterprise, for technology professionals, and for power computer users, Windows was far too complex and insecure for the vast majority of home PC users. Hundreds of millions of technically untrained […]

Where to get computer information

Computers are complex and Windows computers even more so. Not only do you have to deal with a complicated system, no one tells you how to use it. When you first get a Windows PC, there is very little instruction on how to do anything or how to deal with the inevitable problems. So where […]

Backing up and restoring

OK, you made that New Year’s resolution to back up and so far you are following through. But there is one thing about backups that doesn’t get mentioned often enough. The whole point of a backup is to be able to restore it if something happens to your system. That’s why backups have to be […]