Web 2.0

Quote of the week

Instead of a virtual man, I would have preferred a relationship with a real man.—Remark from an unknown woman that I overheard recently while entering a restaurant.

Online office applications

Yesterday, Microsoft made its big introduction of cloud office applications for small businesses. After much preliminary fanfare, Office 365 is up. Google and Zoho, among others, already have cloud applications in place. Here are some links to discussion about Office 365: Office 365 vs. Google Apps vs. ZohoReadWriteWeb Don’t Be Fooled: Office 365 is Basically […]

The second Internet

The once-trendy buzzword “Web 2.0” has faded away. Now comes someone using the term “second Internet”. Whatever you want to call it, the Internet of today with its social sites, user interactivity, and web apps is not the same Internet we had a few years ago. GigaOM looks at the new Internet in a post […]

Web alternatives to PowerPoint

Although it sometimes seems that Microsoft PowerPoint is the only presentation software in existence, there are alternatives. There are desktop programs like Open Office but there are also web-based applications. ReadWriteWeb discusses five of them. The choices mentioned are: Prezi SlideRocket 280 Slides Google Docs Presentations Zoho Show

The competition for providing Internet form and content

How we use the Internet and the type of content that is on the Internet is changing rapidly. An article at PC Pro discusses the battle among the major players Apple, Microsoft, Google and Adobe. The article begins: In the 20 years since Tim Berners-Lee produced the first web browser, our expectations of what the […]