Windows baffles even the experts

I’ve said more than once that Windows is too complicated for general use by normal people. This contention is confirmed in spades by a recent post from Mark Russinovich, who is one of the world’s leading Windows experts. In fact, he may be the leading expert. But guess what? When he went to fix a […]

Windows XP still on a lot of systems

The latest data from NetMarketShare on what operating systems are being used shows Windows XP has slipped some but is still on nearly half of computers surveyed. The graphic below shows the numbers:

Windows XP still rules

No matter how much the technorati claim that Windows XP is old, tired, and hopelessly out of date, the venerable operating system just won’t go away. Why? Well, for one thing it just works. For another, people have gotten more than a little tired of the constant upgrade hassles and expense. I still have Windows […]

Tech blunders of the decade

Over at MaximumPC, Loyd Case gives his choices for the top 13 tech blunders of the past decade. Case writes a lot about hardware and some of his choices won’t even be familiar to the average PC user. For example, he picks the BTX motherboard form factor as the #2 flop. I doubt that most […]

Why you have to click “Start” when you want to stop

The shutdown menu in Windows has been reached from the Start menu since Windows 95. This has given rise to many jokes about having to start when you wanted to stop. The actual form of the Start button or orb and the shutdown menu have evolved from Windows 95 through Windows 7. Long-time Microsoft engineer […]