Useful tips for Windows XP

It may be old but Windows XP isn’t dead yet. Windows 7 is creeping up on it but Windows XP is still the world’s most widely used PC operating system. If, like many people, you are still running Windows XP, it isn’t too late to learn how to make better use of it. Here are […]

Microsoft Word tips for the non-expert user

Microsoft Word is on hundreds of millions of computers all over the world. Word documents are in use everywhere. Although Word is heavily used by businesses and professional producers of documents, many average PC users also employ Word on a more casual basis. Word is a powerful program with many features but these average PC […]

Tweaking Windows 7

If you like to do a lot of configuring of your PC settings, there are various free tweaking tools available. In the case of Windows 7, there are a lot of these utilities. In fact, there are too many to evaluate. I prefer to do my own tweaking but if you like this sort of […]

Package of very useful computer utilities

Periodically, I mention little free programs that help with some aspect of administering, configuring, or using a PC. Two prime sources of nice utility programs are Sysinternals from Mark Russinovich and NirSoft from Nir Sofer. Both authors have generously worked over the years to provide dozens of useful applications, all free. Both have packaged their […]

All-purpose Windows tweaking software X-Setup

Way back in the days of Windows 95, I used to like an all-purpose tweaking tool called X-Setup. It was free and it allowed for numerous adjustments to the configuration of Windows. It gradually became too complicated for average PC users and it also went commercial. I stopped using or recommending it and lost track […]