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Source: Wall Street Journal

Very Easy Way to Find Your Computer’s External Public Internet Address (IP)

Sometimes when you are on the Internet, it is necessary to know the Internet address or IP that has been assigned to your computer. Here I am referring to the public external address. If your computer is on a local network, there will also be a local address for each device on the network as […]

Roundup of keyboard shortcuts for Windows applications

PC users love keyboard shortcuts. They help make using a computer easier and faster. In fact, there are thousands of them so, unless you have an extraordinary memory, you have to pick and choose those that suit your own personal way of using a computer. To help you find some that appeal to you, here […]

Useful tips for Kindle owners

Not everybody has a Kindle but if you are one of the many who own one of these tablets, here are some sites worth knowing about: Find Free Kindle Books To ReadLike it says – Find free Kindle books 8 Useful Tips For Kindle FireTips from Make Tech Easier How to find free Kindle Ebooks […]