Monday links

Back to the future: Dusting off Bill Gates’ The Road AheadAt Ars Technica, Sean Gallagher speculates about Bill Gates’ new position at Microsoft. He examines Bill Gates’ past actions and wonders if he can help Microsoft adjust to a changed world of computers If a Story Is Viral, Truth May Be Taking a BeatingTruth has […]

Monday links

Here’s 10 things I did before I wrote this blog post title. What happened next will shock youWhat a crap title, eh? Just the worst. But this kind of linkbait garbage is rampant on our internet – that’s yours and my internet, people – and we’re promoting their chicanery by spreading their links—Scott Hanselman makes […]

Quote of the week

I’m not inclined to make grand pronouncements about the future of software, but if anything kills off commercial software, let me tell you, it won’t be open source software. They needn’t bother. Commercial software will gleefully strangle itself to death on its own licensing terms.—Programmer Jeff Atwood

At last- something good about Internet Explorer

I find myself in the uncommon position of having something good to say about Internet Explorer (IE). In this case, it’s IE10. For a long time, Microsoft has had an inferior web browser. The only reason for its wide use is its inclusion with every Windows system. Being part of the desktop monopoly gave Internet […]

Adobe updates the updater for updating

Source: xkcd

How to find the best free software

Are you looking for a good free Windows program to do some task? There’s a place where you can get recommendations for the best freeware to do all sorts of tasks and activities. Applications for using and editing media, photo viewers and editors, security suites, office suites, almost anything you want— it’s all at The […]

A little progress to make EULAs easier to understand

Which major industry sells its products with no guarantee that they will work and with no way to recover for damages if something you own is damaged by the product? Software companies, of course. That’s what you accept when you say “I agree” to the ubiquitous “End User License Agreement” or EULA that comes with […]