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New way to hire

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Hacking would be safer

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HTML, the sexually transmitted disease

We are surrounded by the technically ignorant. While the ignorance of the general population may not be as deep as that reported in a recent story from the LA Times, it is quite clear that the average person is woefully short of knowledge about the forces that are transforming and controlling the world around them. […]

It’s a great time to be a crook

Phishing, scams, database break-ins, ransom-ware, on and on it goes. There have never been riper pickings for the criminally inclined. A great body of innocents are sitting there just waiting to be fleeced. The risks are minimal, the rewards juicy. It isn’t just the untutored general public that makes cybercrime easy. Companies have been amazingly […]

Tuesday links

Online “experts” are full of hot airDick Pountain examines the negativity in online comments Why you should be scared of Comcast and Time Warner Cable mergingAt The Verge, Bryan Bishop explains why he thinks the merger of the two largest cable companies would be bad for consumers. Ok GoogleThere can be little doubt that, just […]

Quote of the week

Want to be poor? Be ignorant.—Bob Lefsetz at The Big Picture

Means of communication

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