Roundup of keyboard shortcuts for Windows applications

PC users love keyboard shortcuts. They help make using a computer easier and faster. In fact, there are thousands of them so, unless you have an extraordinary memory, you have to pick and choose those that suit your own personal way of using a computer. To help you find some that appeal to you, here […]

Monday links

Windows XP: Why Microsoft Still Can’t Kill It OffWindows XP is 11 years old. At Locker Gnome, Ron Schenone gives his opinion about why Windows XP lives on and on and on Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged In All The Time?Should you leave your laptop plugged in and charging when you’re not on-the-go? What’s […]

Useful tips for Windows XP

It may be old but Windows XP isn’t dead yet. Windows 7 is creeping up on it but Windows XP is still the world’s most widely used PC operating system. If, like many people, you are still running Windows XP, it isn’t too late to learn how to make better use of it. Here are […]

Microsoft Word tips for the non-expert user

Microsoft Word is on hundreds of millions of computers all over the world. Word documents are in use everywhere. Although Word is heavily used by businesses and professional producers of documents, many average PC users also employ Word on a more casual basis. Word is a powerful program with many features but these average PC […]

Big collection of Microsoft Office shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save a lot of time in complicated software like Microsoft Office. Of course, you have to remember them. Anyway, Microsoft has put up a web page with a collection of many keyboard shortcuts for Office.

Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Periodically I mention some of the many Windows keyboard shortcuts. Windows 7 comes with some new ones and here are several that I think can be useful. Note that these do not apply to earlier versions of Windows. Windows key+space bar– Invokes “Aeropeek”. Makes open windows transparent so that desktop is visible. Windows key+right arrow– […]

Using the F1-F12 keys

How much do you use the keys labeled F1 through F12? I suspect that many PC owners rarely if ever touch those keys. But they do have functions assigned to them. The exact function may vary from application to application but there are some general rules as well. Here are some shortcuts that use these […]