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Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just AskWhen you’re shopping online, you probably perform a cursory search online to find out whether the e-retailer you’re about to buy from has any coupons available online. Sites for sharing coupon codes like RetailMeNot are great to check quickly. What should you do if your search […]

Five useful links to help understand and maintain a PC

How Running 64-Bit Windows Protects You From MalwareOne of the weirdest things about Windows security is the fact that some simple changes in how you run the operating system can make a world of difference with regards to malware. For example, who would’ve ever known that running 64-bit Windows makes your computer more secure?—MakeTechEasier 6 […]

Buying in the store

Source: Dilbert

Real life shopping

Source: New York Times

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Everything Google is trying to killGizmodo says that Adobe, Spotify, Skype, Pandora, PayPal, textbooks, Flickr and Siri are among the companies that Google is trying to put out of business How Connected Cars Might Actually Make Driving BetterConnected cars are hotter than turbo-charged V6 running at 8,000 RPM. The hype about how they’re going to […]

US Senate passes Internet sales tax consideration by big margin

It’s been clear for a long time that the freedom of web transactions from sales tax would end some day. We just got closer. Joe Mullin at Ars Technica reports: Your tax-free days of online shopping are numbered. If S743, also known as the Marketplace Fairness Act, becomes law, the millions of Americans who have […]

End of the free ride on Internet sales tax is coming

A lot of us in the US have been enjoying buying things on the Internet without having to pay state sales tax but that free ride is probably drawing to a close before too long. Signs are accumulating that state sales tax on web purchases is coming. The US Senate has endorsed the idea in […]