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Ad injection and you – how adware gets on your computerMicrosoft discussion of how you get tricked into downloading adware How to Erase Yourself From the InternetIf your growing weariness of being constantly tethered to the internet has become overwhelming, it might be time to scrub yourself from the social media sphere altogether. Here’s how […]

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Has the flawed password system finally had its day?At BBC, Paul Rubens looks at alternatives to passwords. Conclusion? No easy way. Internet Archive Book ImagesMillions of images from the ebook collection of the Internet Archive are being uploaded to Flickr for everyone to search through and view Text editorsA huge collection of text editor software […]

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Some sections of the information security industry are finally realising that their whole approach is failing society, but fixing things will require a human touch.—ZDNet security blogger Stilgherrian

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The end of ownership: The zero-marginal-cost economySociety is undergoing tremendous change right now — those of us who enjoy services like Uber and Kickstarter are experiencing it firsthand. The sharing and collaboration practices of the internet are extending to transportation (Uber), hotels (Airbnb), financing (Kickstarter, LendingClub), music services (Spotify) and even software development (Linux, Drupal). […]