How mobile devices are hacked

Source: Sophos

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Those Crazy Web Words And Phrases ExplainedAt MakeUseOf, James Bruce explains some web jargon How I Ditched My Laptop for an iPad with a Few Apps and AccessoriesIf you have been thinking about using your iPad as your primary computing device, you’re not alone. Tablet computers have become so powerful and practical that you can […]

How to check if a website is vulnerable to Heartbleed

Worried about the new security problem called “Heartbleed”? Here is a way to check if a site is vulnerable. Go to

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Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just AskWhen you’re shopping online, you probably perform a cursory search online to find out whether the e-retailer you’re about to buy from has any coupons available online. Sites for sharing coupon codes like RetailMeNot are great to check quickly. What should you do if your search […]

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The history of Google’s self-driving carWriting in the New Yorker, Burkhard Bilger gives the story of Google engineer Anthony Levandowski and his effort to bring a self-driving car to reality Algorithms will do more and more of the thinking in the worldTrading on the New York Stock Exchange and internet traffic are predominantly made up […]

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Today’s Internet thieves thrive only because they know they’re merely a nuisance to the credit card issuers — just overhead, a cost of doing business. If fraud actually caused substantial damage to credit card issuers and banks, the entire system would be transformed.—Security expert Roger Grimes at InfoWorld

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