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Some sections of the information security industry are finally realising that their whole approach is failing society, but fixing things will require a human touch.—ZDNet security blogger Stilgherrian

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The end of ownership: The zero-marginal-cost economySociety is undergoing tremendous change right now — those of us who enjoy services like Uber and Kickstarter are experiencing it firsthand. The sharing and collaboration practices of the internet are extending to transportation (Uber), hotels (Airbnb), financing (Kickstarter, LendingClub), music services (Spotify) and even software development (Linux, Drupal). […]

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The Internet from every angle has always been a house of cards held together with defective duct tape. It’s a miracle that anything works at all. Those who understand a lot of the technology involved generally hate it, but at the same time are astounded that for end users, things seem to usually work rather […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery DrainAt Overthought, Scotty Loveless gives eight steps to getting longer life from iPad and iPhone batteries 7 Ways To Improve Battery Life on Windows 8 Tablets & LaptopsMakeUseOf gives steps for longer battery life on Windows 8 devices What is two-step authentication?Two-step authentication helps protect your account from […]

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As long as we let most hackers get away with murder, rampant hacking and malware will continue to plague us.—Security expert Roger A. Grimes at InfoWorld.