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Quote of the week

The consumer cloud revolution will be crazier and more earth-shattering than the analysts predict. After we hit the $99 Chromebook on Black Friday 2014, I expect we will see the $50 advertiser-supported Chromebook—Kenny Sahr, Marketing Director, Nubo, at Re/code

There are finally alternatives to Windows even in the enterprise

For many years the Windows ecosystem has been totally dominant on the computer desktop. Over 90% of the world’s PCs used Windows. Everywhere you looked you saw Windows. Except in the proprietary high-end niche occupied by Macs, the average PC user had no choice but Windows. At last that is changing. The proliferation of mobile […]

Chromebooks look good

In spite of Microsoft’s unsavory ad tactics against it, the Chromebook is picking up fans. I find it interesting that many technology professionals have realized its virtues and are praising it. Here are some samples: Chromebooks are a revolution in EasyHere I discuss how easy it is to own a Chromebook. Basically, they require no […]

Quote of the week

Simplicity is also a key draw for Chromebooks. They just work, assuming you have an Internet connection available, and stay out of your way far better than Windows PCs and the Linux netbooks of old.—Brad Chacos at PCWorld

Another example of why competition is good

Microsoft’s profit margins are among the highest in the world. They are especially high in areas where Microsoft has little competition. That includes Windows, where Microsoft still has what is effectively a monopoly on the desktop. The price of Windows is now a substantial contributor to the cost of lower-end systems. But look what a […]