Things you never knew about documents

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Quote of the week

The luxury of continual expansion of computer power can lead to design bloat. Is Microsoft Word today really better than Word in 1995?—Seth Lloyd at Slate

Why you don’t need Microsoft Office

Microsoft has inveigled millions of people into buying Office, a suite of complicated and pricey applications, most of whose features the average person will never use. Even if you just look at Word you will find that you likely use only a small fraction of its features. And Excel? How many average home PC users […]

Microsoft Word tips for the non-expert user

Microsoft Word is on hundreds of millions of computers all over the world. Word documents are in use everywhere. Although Word is heavily used by businesses and professional producers of documents, many average PC users also employ Word on a more casual basis. Word is a powerful program with many features but these average PC […]

Tuesday links

How to Pick the Perfect LaptopLifehacker gives hints for buying a laptop How Google’s Drive helps kill Microsoft’s OfficeThis is how a search company can steal the productivity business: By storing work, not helping users edit it.—Rafe Needleman at CNET Here Are 20 Companies Who Sell Your Data (& How To Stop Them)Meet the data […]