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Mike Elgan is a good read

Back in the ’90s, there was a monthly publication called Windows Magazine. Although it had a circulation of around 800,000 and a first-class group of writers and editors, the bean counters closed it down in 1999. Fortunately, many of its excellent staff went on to continue successful careers in the technology world. Among these was […]

Where to get the latest on smartphones

I’m still using a plain old bare-bones cell phone but I thought this might be worth passing on to those of you who have or are interested in smartphones. PC World has compiled a list of 50 blogs that cover smartphones and related subjects. The article gives a thumbnail sketch of each site. The list […]

Surprise! Most of the news comes from newspapers

For some time now the financial health of printed publications has been declining as advertising and readership dried up. Numbers of newspapers have gone out of business or have become online only. Internationally recognized stalwarts like the New York Times are under severe financial pressure. The cause, of course, is that advertising has moved to […]

Comment crud

If you want to be discouraged about the general state of human intelligence, go to one of the popular blog spots like ZDNet and read the comments. Inane or garbled or irrelevant remarks abound. They often sound like 12-year olds in a schoolyard trash-talk match. Although there is an occasional useful item buried in there, […]

Are they telling it straight on the Internet?

That human beings can be irrational, foolish, or perverse is not news; just pick up any history book. But, ever hopeful for some light in the world, I keep looking for reasoned discussion of computer issues. There at least (I tell myself ) is a group of people who are trained in critical analysis and […]