Is wearable technology the next big thing or not? Google stirs things again

A year ago I noted all the talk that was starting about wearable computing devices and about Google Glass in particular. (More about Google Glass here and also here.) Google Glass remains controversial and seems to me to be an unlikely candidate for mainstream use but Google has just shown something more likely to attract […]

How mobile devices are hacked

Source: Sophos

Android timeline

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Monday links

10 ways that iPads are transforming retailEver since the introduction of the iPhone and iPad, people have found amazing ways to use the devices and with the arrival of iOS 7, the new iPhone devices the possibilities are only going to increase—Andrew Yates at TheNextWeb What’s Holding Up The Internet Of ThingsTurns out our smart […]

Quote of the week

Cellphone speech recognition is getting better fast. Very soon, we’ll do less talking through our phones — and more talking to them—David Pogue at the New York Times