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All You Wanted to Know About Social EngineeringSocial engineering is manipulating people into doing something, rather than using technical means. It is the art of gaining access to buildings, systems, or data by exploiting human psychology, rather than by using technical hacking techniques—Article at Checkmarx explains one of the biggest security problems ‘So, that’s why […]

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Microsoft cybersecurity exec declares the password deadThe password is dead. That’s the message from John Proctor, Microsoft’s vice president of global cybersecurity, who wrote a blog post on the subject this week—Emily Parkhurst at TechFlash 5 ways computer security has truly advancedSecurity isn’t all gloom and doom. Amid the progress today, these four developments in […]

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The Internet Is BurningOnline security is a horrifying nightmare. Heartbleed. Target. Apple. Linux. Microsoft. Yahoo. eBay. X.509. Whatever security cataclysm erupts next, probably in weeks or even days. We seem to be trapped in a vicious cycle of cascading security disasters that just keep getting worse—Jon Evans at TechCrunch Amazon’s Tactics Confirm Its Critics’ Worst […]

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Why the social networks are falling apartThe new business model for social: Harvest personal data anywhere you can, then sell ads anywhere you can—Mike Elgan at Computerworld Friends, and Influence, for Sale OnlineThere are several services that allow social media users to buy bots, which can make celebrities appear more popular and even influence political […]

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The history of Google’s self-driving carWriting in the New Yorker, Burkhard Bilger gives the story of Google engineer Anthony Levandowski and his effort to bring a self-driving car to reality Algorithms will do more and more of the thinking in the worldTrading on the New York Stock Exchange and internet traffic are predominantly made up […]