History of technology

Computers have come a long way

Below is my first computer. It’s the Univac I that I used in graduate school at Harvard in 1956-57. Below that is a recent Intel wearable computer device. Its computing power is far greater than that of the Univac. We’ve come a long way. From this: To this: Source of Intel picture: Techspot

Tuesday links

Online “experts” are full of hot airDick Pountain examines the negativity in online comments Why you should be scared of Comcast and Time Warner Cable mergingAt The Verge, Bryan Bishop explains why he thinks the merger of the two largest cable companies would be bad for consumers. Ok GoogleThere can be little doubt that, just […]

Quote of the week

The startup world is filled with all manner of intentionally misspelled nonwords and incomprehensible baby talk. It’s enough to make one nostalgic for an earlier time when tech names actually meant something.—Evan Dashevsky at TechHive

Quote of the week

One thing that remained static for a long time was the way we interacted with computers. The point-and-click paradigm is now being replaced but this quote from Michael Mace at Mobile Opportunity points out how unchanging things were for years: Take a computer user from 1979 and show them a PC from 1995, and they’ll […]

History of digital storage

It isn’t often that you have an area where there are changes that amount to many orders of magnitude. My first personal desktop had a 20 MB hard drive. My present desktop has multiple drives and several are 2 TB. So my main drive has 100,000 times the storage capacity that my first one had. […]

Déjà vu all over again in the PC world

The debate about the death of the PC still rages. One thing that amuses me about all this discussion is how long it has been going on. I wrote a post on this subject (Is the PC dead?) nearly seven years ago. Back in 2006, I observed: Whatever hardware is involved, one thing that I […]

What’s coming in future technology – predictions plus CES

Are you curious about what the technology professionals are predicting for the coming year? Here is what some experts see future technology bringing (or not bringing): 2013: Talk Gets Cheaper, TV Gets SmarterAt AllThingsD, Walt Mossberg gives his predictions for consumer electronics in 2013 13 Technologies You Won’t See in 2013 At Gizmodo, Avram Piltch […]