The state of knowledge

Source: The New Yorker

Quote of the week

If we’ve learnt anything at all about Google, it’s that the company is great at generating cool ideas, but merely mediocre when it comes to actually turning those ideas into commercial products that are adopted on a wide scale.—Sebastian Anthony at ExtremeTech

Is wearable technology the next big thing or not? Google stirs things again

A year ago I noted all the talk that was starting about wearable computing devices and about Google Glass in particular. (More about Google Glass here and also here.) Google Glass remains controversial and seems to me to be an unlikely candidate for mainstream use but Google has just shown something more likely to attract […]

Quote of the week

Users? Developers? Don’t make me laugh. Nowadays we are barely worthy of Google’s contempt.—Jon Evans at TechCrunch complains about Google maps and other Google services

Quote of the week

Google’s loss in an EU search case will lead to nothing less than the end of Internet search as we know it—John C. Dvorak at PCMag