Presidents Day

Taking the day off. Back on Tuesday.

Quote of the week

I don’t know what it says about the English-speaking world (OK, in this case probably the United States) that its Wikipedia contributors disagree more about professional wrestlers than nearly any other topic, but it can’t be good.—Derrick Harris at GigaOm

The world is full of useless advice

I have lost count of all the posts I have seen from people expounding on what they think Microsoft should do to “save” or improve Windows 8. I am not saying that none of this is good advice although a lot of it isn’t very perceptive. My point is that Microsoft is not going to […]

Quote of the week

Most of the time, Humans exist in a happy little bubble of self-created delusion. We lie to ourselves constantly. We rationalize everything we do, past and present. We engage in selective perception, seeing only the things that agree with us. Our selective retention retains the good stuff and disregards most of the rest. In the […]

Quote of the week

In America you have a right to be stupid—Secretary of State John Kerry. Now, if only that right weren’t exercised so much.

Quote of the week

We here in the USA have forgotten how to have an intelligent argument. I don’t mean a marital spat, I refer to the process of deciding issues through informed argument, discussion, etc. Somehow, zealous advocacy has been replaced with over zealous absurdity.—Money manager Barry Ritholtz

Why my blog is different – an independent voice

There are two important reasons why this blog is different. First of all, I have been using computers longer than almost anybody – in fact, since 1956. I hope I have learned a thing or two in all those years. Second – and this is a crucial point – I don’t make my living from […]