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Future of the Internet of things

Source: Daily Infographic

Monday links

Can’t Find A Coupon Code For Online Stores? Just AskWhen you’re shopping online, you probably perform a cursory search online to find out whether the e-retailer you’re about to buy from has any coupons available online. Sites for sharing coupon codes like RetailMeNot are great to check quickly. What should you do if your search […]

Monday links

The history of Google’s self-driving carWriting in the New Yorker, Burkhard Bilger gives the story of Google engineer Anthony Levandowski and his effort to bring a self-driving car to reality Algorithms will do more and more of the thinking in the worldTrading on the New York Stock Exchange and internet traffic are predominantly made up […]

Tuesday links

Online “experts” are full of hot airDick Pountain examines the negativity in online comments Why you should be scared of Comcast and Time Warner Cable mergingAt The Verge, Bryan Bishop explains why he thinks the merger of the two largest cable companies would be bad for consumers. Ok GoogleThere can be little doubt that, just […]

Monday links

Here’s 10 things I did before I wrote this blog post title. What happened next will shock youWhat a crap title, eh? Just the worst. But this kind of linkbait garbage is rampant on our internet – that’s yours and my internet, people – and we’re promoting their chicanery by spreading their links—Scott Hanselman makes […]

Wednesday links

The death of Windows XP will impact 95 percent of the world’s ATMsMicrosoft’s 12-year-old Windows XP operating system powers 95 percent of the world’s automated teller machines, according to NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US. While the idea of Windows powering ATMs may surprise consumers, XP runs in the background powering the software […]

Monday links

When Google closes the Nest deal, privacy issues for the internet of things will hit the big timeGoogle intends to buy a connected thermostat that knows when you’re home and where you are within it. Given Google’s quest to index all the world’s information, this deal should jumpstart the conversation about privacy and the internet […]