Money facts

Just about everybody is interested in money and here is an infographic with some money facts: Via Daily Infographic

Quote of the week

Studies have shown that the most most confident, specific and detailed forecasts about the future are: a) most likely to be believed by readers and TV viewers; and b) least likely to be correct.—Barry Ritholtz, money manager and financial writer

Wednesday links

The death of Windows XP will impact 95 percent of the world’s ATMsMicrosoft’s 12-year-old Windows XP operating system powers 95 percent of the world’s automated teller machines, according to NCR, the largest ATM supplier in the US. While the idea of Windows powering ATMs may surprise consumers, XP runs in the background powering the software […]

Quote of the week

The data overwhelmingly shows that most of the time, stocks and economy are wholly uncorrelated. Over the short and medium term (days weeks months), there is almost no relationship in either direction or magnitude.—Barry Ritholtz, money manager and financial writer

Monday links

How Bluetooth 4.1 and BLE Will Drive New InnovationBluetooth 4.1 and its revolutionary low-energy function (BLE) will find its way into fitness gadgets, medical devices, connected home, retail stores, and more—Tim Bajarin at PCMag Is 2014 the Year of the Connected Home?Claire Cain Miller writes at the New York Times Bits blog about the future […]