File management

Why the information on a music CD is different and can’t be read as a file

As computer users, we are accustomed to thinking in terms of information stored in files. However, not everything is formatted as a computer file. An example that often causes confusion is the music CD. The way the music is stored predates the common use of file formats. The music is stored as raw digital data […]

Duplicate file finder

Do you end up with a lot of duplicate files cluttering your hard drive? If you have a multi-terabyte monster, it may not matter much. But many people have SSDs or laptops with small partitions and space still counts. I have received an inquiry from Tony, who asks, “Is there a duplicate file finder that […]

The PDF lives on

The PDF format for documents has been around a long time. In spite of the criticism it has gotten over the years, it continues to be a very popular format for documents on the web. Because it doesn’t need Windows or any other Microsoft product, Microsoft has tried to kill off PDF with its own […]

Open file and folder properties sheets from the keyboard

Some of the most common file or folder operations involve the properties sheet. It is usual to access this dialog box by right-clicking on the file or folder and then selecting “Properties” from the context menu. Another way that may be faster is to hold down the “Alt” key and double-click the file or folder. […]

Software for less common archive and compression file formats

Although ZIP files are the most common form for archiving or compressing files, there are many other types of file compression that you might encounter. Windows has a native ZIP feature but it does not understand formats like RAR, TAR, or GZIP. If you download one of these or one of the many other archive […]