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Quote of the week

As far as I can see, the future of Windows Phone is that it will eventually be replaced by Android. In fact – and I don’t make bold predictions lightly – I can’t see a future where Microsoft doesn’t pull the plug on Windows Phone in the next few years and switch to Android.—Adrian Kingsley-Hughes […]

Quote of the week

If we’ve learnt anything at all about Google, it’s that the company is great at generating cool ideas, but merely mediocre when it comes to actually turning those ideas into commercial products that are adopted on a wide scale.—Sebastian Anthony at ExtremeTech

The Internet of Things comes to your home

One of the hot topics these days is the Internet of Things (IOT). People have been talking about the day when almost any device, gadget, or home appliance will be connected to the Internet. Will you soon be able to control all your home appliances remotely? Many say that this development is coming in the […]

Printer ink costs more than almost any other common fluid

Printer ink for home PCs costs about $3000 to $4000 per gallon. Here is how many gallons of other things you can buy for the same amount of money: Via Neat Net Tricks (subscription)

Wireless mouse for someone who has everything

Need a gift that is out of the ordinary? Or maybe you would like something different on your own desk. How about this Mercedes-Benz wireless mouse with working LED headlights and red rear lights? Source: The Next Web