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Monday links

Those Crazy Web Words And Phrases ExplainedAt MakeUseOf, James Bruce explains some web jargon How I Ditched My Laptop for an iPad with a Few Apps and AccessoriesIf you have been thinking about using your iPad as your primary computing device, you’re not alone. Tablet computers have become so powerful and practical that you can […]

Chromebooks look good

In spite of Microsoft’s unsavory ad tactics against it, the Chromebook is picking up fans. I find it interesting that many technology professionals have realized its virtues and are praising it. Here are some samples: Chromebooks are a revolution in EasyHere I discuss how easy it is to own a Chromebook. Basically, they require no […]

Monday links

Half of all exploits target JavaOnce upon a time, Microsoft was the favorite target of malware developers. As Microsoft improved the defenses in its software, though, cybercrooks moved on to easier pickings. Adobe was a prime target for a while, but Adobe followed Microsoft’s lead and made its software more secure as well. According to […]

Monday links

What you need to know about 3D printers for today and tomorrowBeyond the hype, there are real uses for this technology, but also some key barriers yet to be addressed—Galen Gruman at InfoWorld The Web at 25 in the U.S.Report about Internet usage in the US from the Pew Research Internet Project FTC: Identity theft […]

Five useful links to help understand and maintain a PC

How Running 64-Bit Windows Protects You From MalwareOne of the weirdest things about Windows security is the fact that some simple changes in how you run the operating system can make a world of difference with regards to malware. For example, who would’ve ever known that running 64-bit Windows makes your computer more secure?—MakeTechEasier 6 […]

Botched Windows updates continue to plague PC users

Microsoft’s monthly patches for Windows continue to create big problems for hapless PC users. The latest is KB 2887069. At InfoWorld, Woody Leonhard gives details in a post, Botched Black Tuesday patch KB 2887069 freezes, fails to configure, triggers a BSoD, and/or zaps sound drivers. According to Leonhard, the problems affect all Windows since XP. […]

Monday links

8 Reasons Why Even Microsoft Agrees the Windows Desktop is a NightmareLet’s be honest: The Windows desktop is a mess. Sure, it’s extremely powerful and has a huge software library, but it’s not a good experience for average people. It’s not even a good experience for geeks, although we tolerate it—The How-to Geek Banking malware […]