Means of communication

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Happy 10th birthday Skype. You changed everything; too bad you didn’t change MicrosoftVery quietly today, Skype turned ten years old. [August 29] Ironically, I didn’t even remember its 10th birthday. I forgot, mostly because ever since it was acquired by Microsoft, Skype as we know is slowly losing its identity. It is merely a pale […]

All about texting

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Time to kill off CAPTCHAThe brutal truth is that CAPTCHA has long since ceased to be anything more than a minor annoyance to the determined criminal fraternity, who appear to be able to bypass it with relative ease—At PC Pro, Davey Winder says let’s get rid of the anti-spam system that has long since ceased […]

The growth and future of Skype

A lot of people now use Skype to make calls all over the world. Mark O’Neill at MakeUseOf related how this communications service has grown: But now, things have all changed, thanks to a company called Skype, and the rise of technology called VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This allows you to speak over the […]

Evolution of communication

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Quote of the week

Nokia has already totally changed course in an attempt to get back on track, and it has failed. Not a little, it has been a total, complete failure according the latest financial information for the company. As much as we’d like to see Nokia turn things around and recover, it is a giant task and […]