Command line tip #13- Find flash cookies

The previous post discusses Flash cookies in some detail. I commented that I have found that the Windows search function is not the best way to find Flash cookies. However, the command line can be used by entering the following: dir “%appdata%\macromedia\*.sol” /s/b The quotation marks are necessary. This command works in both XP and […]

Command line tip #12- shut down hung programs

It’s been quite a while since I gave a straight command line tip but here’s one for quickly closing a program that gets stuck or frozen. You can use the Task Manager (described here) but that can take a fairly long time. With the command “taskkill”, you can force a quick shutdown of a hung […]

Stop Windows XP update reboot nagging

We just went through the monthly Windows update process and I was reminded of something that annoys many PC users who use automatic update. After the update patches are installed, Windows wants to reboot and in XP will keep nagging you every 10 minutes until you do. You can tell it to reboot later but […]

Fixing a stuck print job

Just about a year ago, I gave a tip on what to do if you get a print job that hangs up. This problem seems to be fairly common since I have recently seen posts at several blogs about it. So I am revisiting the problem. The tip I gave involved the command line. For […]

Fast way to open a recently used Word document

I have been using Microsoft Word in one version or the other since Word 95. However, Word is a far more powerful program than I need and I probably am unaware of 95% of its features. For that reason, I don’t give many Word tips but now and then I come across one that I […]