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Here are five articles you might find worth looking at: Soon no one will care about a phone’s battery lifeMany phones claim all day battery life but we all know that’s mostly bs, however that’s about to change. There are three major trends driving this future: bigger phones, better hardware and Android L.—Julio Franco at […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Solving iOS Battery DrainAt Overthought, Scotty Loveless gives eight steps to getting longer life from iPad and iPhone batteries 7 Ways To Improve Battery Life on Windows 8 Tablets & LaptopsMakeUseOf gives steps for longer battery life on Windows 8 devices What is two-step authentication?Two-step authentication helps protect your account from […]

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The Internet Is BurningOnline security is a horrifying nightmare. Heartbleed. Target. Apple. Linux. Microsoft. Yahoo. eBay. X.509. Whatever security cataclysm erupts next, probably in weeks or even days. We seem to be trapped in a vicious cycle of cascading security disasters that just keep getting worse—Jon Evans at TechCrunch Amazon’s Tactics Confirm Its Critics’ Worst […]

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How to Get the Best Amazon Deals and DiscountsPCMag gives 12 tips for finding the best products and prices on Amazon The Move Toward Computing That Reads Your MindMy phone is trying to anticipate my needs based on what it knows about me — the context of my life. And what it knows seems like […]

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Writing in a Nonstop WorldWe give time a hard time. We take it, steal it, spend it and waste it. Thanks to computers, now we’re chopping time up into ever-smaller fragments—At the New York Times Bits blog, Quentin Hardy writes about how we are interacting with personal computing devices in shorter and shorter but far […]