About the blog

Originally written, September, 2005: Since everybody else is blogging, I finally decided to join in. I will be posting some Windows tips (and whatever else may strike me). The Web is full of sites with Windows tips so there may seem little point to having yet another. My observation is that many of the sites repeat the same stuff and/or are pretty technical. I hope to keep my remarks aimed at the average PC user. And, oh yes, I may sound off now and then on some of the strange and silly stuff I see going on.

I have said that it’s aimed at the average PC user. Well, what does the average PC user want? Judging from my experience in teaching at SeniorNet and in giving talks at user groups, most people think of the computer as a tool to help achieve some task. They do not care about the details of how the computer does it. When they drive a car, they just want to get to their destination. They do not care about how the fuel system works or what goes on in the transmission. The same thing applies to a computer. Ideally, the computer would be just another appliance like a toaster.

Of course, the trouble is that computers are not like toasters. There’s no getting around the fact that using a computer for anything but the simplest purpose means learning some things about the details. I am going to try to strike a compromise in what I put here by giving some information that will help the average person but will still have some substance.

If you have a favorite tip, send it to me or sign up and add your comments. The more the merrier.

Update, July, 2008: The world of technology is ever changing and likewise must this blog change. When I began it almost three years ago, the idea was to provide some tips and news about Windows to my SeniorNet colleagues and students. The actual readers are much more varied than that and Windows is less the focus of home computing than it once was. A great deal of the blog content has little to do with Windows. So it seems time for a name change to reflect the actual content and readership.