Is Microsoft failing?

I have often commented on the absurd public remarks and buffoonery of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as well as the detrimental effects of the Microsoft monopoly but an article at Forbes called Microsoft Is Fast Turning Into A Sideshow really presents a case against Microsoft. Market research analyst Roger Kay minces no words in characterizing Microsoft as dysfunctional and failing. Here are some excerpts:

Microsoft has reached an Orwellian impasse, in which it cannot tell the truth — even to itself. It is blinded by its own hallucinations about how the market is operating. The result is that its public pronouncements entirely lack credibility.


Over the years, Ballmer has made a buffoon of himself while turning out wrong call after wrong call on products, markets, and people.


Byzantine pricing policies, designed to bleed customers dry without a thought to a future beyond this quarter’s results, have even the most loyal Microsoft adherents in full rebellion.

And product naming conventions are both horrible and amateurish. Aside from the Metro debacle, there’s Bing, which has yet to become a verb in anyone’s mind. Other naming bloopers include Bob, HailStorm, Windows Genuine Advantage, PlaysForSure, and 2007 Microsoft Office System.

However much we dislike it, however, Microsoft is still too rich and entrenched to be going away any time soon. What’s your opinion?

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