The patent wars – everybody loses

As mentioned in a previous post, Apple and Samsung are in the middle of a knock-down, drag-out courtroom fight over Apple’s claim that Samsung copied the iPhone. An excellent article, In Apple v. Samsung Patent Case, Expect Nobody to Win, by Susan Crawford is at Bloomberg. The article analyzes the significance of this important patent case. The following excerpt is my selection for Comment of the Week:

Whoever wins, the expensive, loony unreality of software patents will not go away quickly enough. Companies seem to be bent on inventing patents rather than patenting inventions. Every device is covered by hundreds of patent claims, and because a patent is primarily a license to litigate, armies of lawyers and experts tussle over dry technical terms in front of befuddled jurors worldwide.

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“inventing patents rather than patenting inventions”

*Sigh*, wish I could write like that…just perfect.

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