The ascendancy of mobile platforms

Opinion continues to grow that mobile platforms will soon be the consumer preference over laptops. Laptops are not going to disappear but their market share is being severely threatened. Even those who write for a living are becoming enamored of tablets, so far mostly of the iPad. Here are some examples:

If tablets are going to be the big thing, where does Windows 8 fit in? At ZDNet, tablet expert James Kendrick also assesses the chances of Windows 8 on the tablet:

Windows 8 on tablets is looking really exciting so far, but to get sales numbers that matter they have to take on the iPad and Android tablets head-on. That means similar form factors, better pricing, and have compelling differences that attract buyers.

More of the same in the Windows tablets, which have been around for over ten years, will not cut it. These will need to be mobile tablets first, and Windows computers second. The market that will buy these solely because they run Windows is very small, and won’t make a splash as desired.

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