The endless march of security problems

I have been writing about security problems on the internet since the days of Windows 95 and it just goes on. Here are some of the latest problems:

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Vic, I am concerned about removing Java. The only known use I have for it is to run Secunia OSI to check for needed patches. Any thoughts/recommendations?

Most people probably can do without Java. Every now and then there is some useful application that needs Java but on balance I think a lot of average PC users should uninstall JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Browser Java add-ons can be disabled without actually removing them.

It does become discouraging over time when you realize how much time and money are thrown at security, and how little real effect it all seems to have. All the bad guys really need is time and patience, or at least determination, and they seem to have plenty – particularly where $$$ are involved.

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