Google is really, really going to track you

Google is now going to track you everywhere and there is no opting out if you use any of the many Google services. Your web activities on all Google services are going to be consolidated into one big database for finding ads to display to you. What you search for, what your Gmail is about, what you view on YouTube – all fodder for Google ads. Here is some reaction:

How you feel about privacy is a personal matter but I am getting a little queasy about how much Google knows about me. I don’t do anything I am ashamed of (and if I did, I know how to hide it). Still, I feel a little invaded that a bunch of advertisers are scrutinizing my every move to see what they can try to sell me.

Theoretically, you could stop using any Google services but that is not practical for many or even most of us. Or I suppose you can use special software to keep deleting Google cookies but that requires more computer savvy than many people have. Also, I understand that there is no way to avoid Google on Android phones.

What about you? Are you concerned about what Google knows about you? Will you stop using Google services?

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