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You are luckier than you think

Source: GraphJam First posted January 4, 2012

Religion comes to technology

America has its share of unusual religious cults but Sweden has come up with one for the age of technology. In a story titled In Sweden, Taking File Sharing to Heart. And to Church, the New York Times reports that a Swedish government agency recently registered as a bona fide religion a church whose central […]

Like like

The word “like” is getting over-used everywhere. Many are blaming Facebook and its ubiquitous “Like” button for turning “like” into a banal cliché. However, that overlooks the much older proliferation of “like” in American English. Actually. “like” is a many-headed language hydra, a beast that sprang up somewhere in a valley in California long before […]

Linux is everywhere

If they think of it at all, most average PC users probably consider Linux to be some tekkie thing that only computer geeks use. In fact, Linux is all around us. It may have only a small share of the desktop computer market but Linux is a major player in many other computing areas. Android […]

Bell Labs- a lost treasure

America used to have industrial research labs that made very large contributions to technology and to the general welfare. Premier among these scientific jewels was AT&T’s Bell Labs, where an astonishing number of the basic discoveries that created this modern world were made. The old AT&T (not to be confused with the present company that […]