The Lion

Apple’s new operating system called Lion is getting a lot of comment. Here is a roundup of some reviews. One thing that struck me is that Apple is charging $29.99 for the new OS and that includes multiple installations. Contrast that with what a new Windows version costs.

At AllThingsD, Walt Mossberg says:

The past two major computer operating system releases, Windows 7 and Snow Leopard, were incremental. Lion is very different. It’s a big leap, and gives the Mac a much more modern look and feel for a world of tablets and smartphones. If you are willing to adjust, it’s the best computer operating system out there.

At Ars Technica, John Siracusa has a long assessment that is hard to summarize but one thing he says is:

Though the Lion name suggests the end of something, the content of the operating system itself clearly marks the start of a new journey. Seemingly emboldened by the success of iOS, Apple has taken a hatchet to decades of conventional wisdom about desktop operating systems.

At ComputerWorld, Jason Snell has another long review; in short, he likes the new system.

At InformationWeek, David Martin concludes:

For now, I’ll tell you that after spending a lot of time with OS X Lion–the client–there are some issues, as I mentioned. It isn’t sterling. The Launchpad implementation feels awkward on OS X. Some of the new features, like full-screen apps, take some getting used to.

For the most part, Mac users are going to embrace Lion. There’s a learning curve, but that’s to be expected. Apple has always pushed and challenged their users to embrace new technologies, often for the better.

Even with its flaws, I’m still psyched about Lion. It’s a nice affordable update packed with more than 250 new features that sells for only $29.99.

In his New York Times column, David Pogue writes:

The Lion upgrade, in other words, is classic Apple: innovative to some, gimmicky to others, big leaps forward, a few stumbles back. It may never be the king of the jungle. But once the world’s software companies have fully Lionized their wares, and once Apple exterminates the bugs, Mac OS X 10.7 might be something even more exotic: a fast, powerful, good-looking, virus-free, thoroughly modern operating system.

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