In defense of Google search

The other day I posted about the growing chorus of complaints that the quality of Internet search was deteriorating because of spam pages and other garbage sites. Responding to the criticism and rising to the defense of Google search is Stephen Chapman at ZDNet. He begins:

There has been — what I consider to be — a ridiculous amount of hullabaloo recently over the authenticity and quality of Google’s search results. As I’ve read into the claims of Google’s results deteriorating — and initially being inclined to agree with some far-sighted sentiments of social search being the future of search — I’ve ultimately been left scratching my head and asking myself, “really?” Personally, I fall into the Gil Reich camp where this issue is concerned — in that, I’ve yet to personally experience what the Google doomsayers are talking about.

Another defender of Google is Gil Reich (referred to in the quote above). Among other things, he says:

Clearly, Google doesn’t always produce the results we’d like. So, is Google in decline or are people comparing Google 2011 to a mythical Golden Age of Google that never existed? I don’t know. But AFAICT neither do the people who are making those claims.

My own experience is that it feels like there are clearly more garbage results. I don’t have hard numbers but I think my perception is accurate. It is certainly the case in areas where I have expert knowledge.

The trash links mean searching has to be done more carefully and may require more carefully worded queries. But with a little work, I can still find what I am looking for with few exceptions.

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