Google News revamped

Google has made a major redesign of its news site. The Google Blog said yesterday:

There’s an old saying that all news is local. But all news is personal too—we connect with it in different ways depending on our interests, where we live, what we do and a lot of other factors. Today we’re revamping the Google News homepage with several changes designed to make the news that you see more relevant to you. We’re also trying to better highlight interesting stories you didn’t know existed and to make it easier for you to share stories through social networks.

Search expert Danny Sullivan has a detailed tour of the new layout and design at Search Engine Land. You can also watch the video below for a tour from Google.

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And Google has completed the Moron Trifecta for 2010!

1) Buzz forced on all GMail users, without a working opt-out button.
2) Pictures on the homepage forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.
3) New Google News format, roundly panned by testers, forced on all users, without a working opt-out button.

Remember when Google was sane and intelligent? You know, 1996-2009?

You are not the only one who is unhappy with the new format for Google News. For example, InformationWeek likens the design to the “new Coke” flop.

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