Surfing the Web helps seniors cope with pain

Science Daily reports a study that says the Web helps seniors manage pain in a significant way. When I first saw the headline, I thought that it meant that using the Internet diverted seniors from noticing their pain while they were surfing. That’s certainly my experience since I tend to forget about my arthritic joints when online. However, what the study concerns is how information gathered on the Internet helps in the management of pain. The post begins:

Surfing the Internet could provide significant relief for seniors with chronic pain, according to new research reported in The Journal of Pain, published by the American Pain Society.

The post concludes:

At the end of the evaluation, the researchers concluded there was a statistically significant difference in pain response awareness in the intervention group and meaningful improvements in pain intensity and levels of interference in daily activity attributed to pain. The online support tools also were credited with helping improve confidence in nonmedical self-care techniques for managing pain. The authors concluded that online intervention may empower older adults with chronic pain to engage in self care, focus on managing pain in appositive way, and integrate what they learn into their daily routines.

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