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New Year’s resolutions for the PC user

I suspect that most people soon fall by the wayside when it comes to keeping those resolutions made for the New Year. After all, if things were easy, we wouldn’t have to be making declarations of good intentions in the first place. Nonetheless, I think it’s worth looking at some practices that all PC users […]

Weekend reading

Here’s some interesting posts and articles to look at over the holiday weekend: Google Is About To Get Caffeinated With A Faster Search IndexTechCrunch says Google is getting ready to push out an entirely new way called “Caffeine” for indexing the Web. What Exactly is a Personal Computer?At Maximum PC, Will Smith talks about how […]

Making Web pages more readable

As they cram more and more advertising onto Web pages, the clutter can make it hard to read the actual content. I have noticed several references to a little browser add-on that aims to cut the clutter. I had been trying it out and today David Pogue listed it as the year’s best tech idea […]

Advances in nano-computing

The march to computing on a nano-scale continues. Recent announcements have been made of using single atoms and individual molecules as transistors. R&D mag reports on a single atom transistor: Researchers from Helsinki University of Technology (Finland), University of New South Wales (Australia), and University of Melbourne (Australia) have succeeded in building a working transistor, […]

Parental Internet controls

The Internet can be a dangerous place with scams and malware to waylay the unwary. Also, there are plenty of seamy sites with porn of every imaginable type. Nonetheless, millions of young children are using the Internet every day. To protect them, various types of parental controls are available in Windows and in other software. […]