How to make a comment on a post

This announcement will stay on top for a while to give readers a chance to read it.

One of the purposes of a blog is to have discussion and comments. The ideal would be for comments to be open for anybody to make. Sadly, the spammers have made that ideal impossible. Automated spam commentary would simply innundate a blog. As time has gone on, I have had to add ever more anti-spam measures to protect the blog from floods of spam. Unfortunately, that makes it more onerous for legitimate readers to make comments. I have been requiring someone to be registered and logged in before a comment could be made but some readers are finding this too much hassle. So I am going to try an experiment- you won’t have to be logged in to leave a comment. You will, however, still have to fill out a form. The first time you make a comment, I will have to approve it and there will be a wait before it appears. But once you have made an approved comment, further comments will not be held in the approval queue. I look forward to hearing from you.

To make a comment, click on the entry below a post that says “No comments” or “N comments”, where N is an integer. Comments with excessively foul language or abusive content will be deleted at my discretion.

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Still cannot figure out how to leave a comment. I do not see the “No comments” or “N comments.”

Is there something I am missing?

?? You just left a comment.

I have had very good experience with using the spam plugin Yawasp. Most spam is actually submitted by spam-bots that uses wp-comments-post.php directly. The Yawasp plugin verifies that the comment was submitted using the actual form.
But if using WP-Cache or SuperCache, then it will require a modification to work.

Best regards


Thanks, Rolf. I have been using Akismet. I’ll take a look at your recommendation.

Also using Akismet and my experience is that it sometimes creates false positives (But still a good tool). One seldom sees that comments are falsely marked as spam, because the spam amount is so high.

With Yawasp only 5 or 10 spam comments are let through a week, and it makes it easy to monitor whether Akismet makes right decisions.


Btw. if enforcing the policy “have to approve it”, then I would suggest that you tell the user after a comment has been submitted, that the comment might not be displayed at once if it has to be approved.

Good point. Thanks.

hi! thanks for this very informative blog. i came to this through google after a very exasperated morning of having my pc suddenly restart 4x in just one morning. i am not a techie so you can imagine how anxious i was…the anxiety later turned to exasperation. although i haven’t really figured out yet the reason for my pc’s problem, i was just glad that i could turn to this site/blog to learn more about computers. thanks! 🙂

Welcome to the blog. I hope it will be useful.

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