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Requiescat in pace- Netscape

It’s finally dead. The Netscape browser. The one that started it all. Microsoft drove many knives through its heart long ago but its shadow lingered on in the caves of AOL. Now AOL has withdrawn the feeding tubes and shut the life-support system. RIP Netscape, Internet Explorer never meant to me what you once did.

A year-end selection of favorite posts

The nature of the blog format is that much of its content is ephemeral. Events quickly render the postings obsolete or irrelevant. This is true in spades for a blog devoted to the fast-moving world of technology. Thus most of my scribblings quickly lose whatever interest that they may have initially had and are soon […]

Teenagers active in creating Web content

It has always struck me how much of what I see on the Web reads like some 14-year-old wrote it. There’s a good reason; a 14-year-old did write it. A study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project says 59% of teens have created Web content, according to a report at TechCrunch.

Command line tip #8- Check your network

Many PC owners now have home networks. Being able to connect several computers together is great but networks bring a new set of problems. The command line comes with a variety of tools for checking networks and it is worthwhile for even average PC users to know how to use some of them. Three commands […]

More Microsoft-speak

Maybe it’s really “management-speak” as Raymond Chen calls it but it certainly reminds me of other examples of Microsoft-speak. I’m referring to a recent blog by Chen where he posts: This is the entire text of an actual piece of email I received from a high-level manager in response to some feedback I sent. Thanks. […]