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How to keep the Windows XP system clean

I have revised and updated a previous article that I wrote on maintaining Windows. It can be found here. I have also added an article on How to use Disk Cleanup. This utility is one of the system tools that comes with Windows XP.

Before you connect a new computer

If you or someone in your family gets a new computer for Christmas (or any other time), there are some precautions to follow before you hook up to the Internet for the first time. CERT at Carnegie-Mellon outlines a procedure to follow to make sure that you are protected when you connect.

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Mouse rage syndrome

The Internet is responsible for a lot of things. That apparently includes its own medical problems. We’ve probably all heard of the cases of people who become so addicted to the Internet that it interferes with their life and health. You may remember the South Korean who died after playing Internet games for 50 hours […]

Extortion on the Internet

A growing type of Internet crime is a form of extortion where you have to ransom your data. Crooks either erase data on your computer and demand payment to restore it or encrypt the data and ask money for the key to unencrypt it. Information Week reports a Hotmail incident: Some Hotmail accounts have been […]