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Be sure to show file extensions

Ever since Windows 95, I (and many others) have been complaining about the default setting in Windows that hides file extensions. I have seen innumerable examples of how this decision by Microsoft causes confusion. I can’t count the number of times that I have told people in classes or lectures how to make file extensions […]

More on archiving or transferring email

In the previous entry, I mentioned a method for combining Outlook Express (OE) email messages into a single file for the purposes of archiving or transferring to another computer. That method works nicely as long as no message contains a picture. Hypertext links are OK but mail with embedded pictures doesn’t work. Either the combination […]

Combining and archiving emails in Outlook Express

I get a lot of email newsletters and I don’t always have time to read them all or extract the items that I like to save. I have a folder for saved emails and often the number builds up. Since I sometimes want to archive the collection, I make use of a feature in Outlook […]

Quick way to “undo” an action

Sometimes, right after you carry out an action on the computer, you wish you hadn’t. Or maybe you hit the wrong key or clicked the wrong button by mistake. Fortunately, many actions have an “undo” feature and can be reversed. Very often the keyboard combination Ctrl+z will undo a previous action. Examples are copying, moving, […]

Make a shortcut to System Restore

I try out a lot of system tweaks and new software and that means that I am frequently creating new System Restore points. Opening System Restore from the All Programs menu or from Control Panel is a bit tedious. So I prefer a shortcut. (I discuss the details of how to make shortcuts to programs […]