Drawing to a close

Last September 16 marked nine years since I began this blog. Nine years in the tech world is the equivalent of eons and the computer scene is very much different from what it was when this blog began.

I began the blog as a place for average PC users to get tips on using Windows and the Internet. There was little available back in those days that was directed at a general audience. This all changed, of course. Now there are large corporate blogs with big professional staffs and there are the social networks. A lot of personal computing is now done on mobile platforms and in the cloud. Personal computing is far more diverse than it used to be. With all of this, the individual blogger tends to be just a small droplet in the sea of information.

In the face of a changing technology scene, the focus of this blog has changed a number of times. Even the name got changed five years ago. However, at 79 years old I am now a technology Methuselah so I think it is time to go on to other things. This will be my last blog post. However, the site will continue to be up since many of the previous posts remain useful and still get visitors. My other websites will also remain and I will continue to write Tech Tips.

Many thanks to those who have been readers of my scribbling. It’s been a great journey.

How to fix most PC problems

This graphic isn’t really that far off.

How to fix PC

Source: MakeUseOf

Quote of the week

The future of computing is a battle for your personal information
Chris Duckett at ZDNet

Making a list the old-fashioned way

Making a list
Source: Re/Code

This was a bargain in 1979

Hard drives just get bigger and bigger. Four terabyte drives are now common. As the graphic below illustrates, we’ve come a long way in storage capacity.
Low cost computer
Source: MakeUseOf