Is your ISP giving you the Internet speed you paid for?

How fast is your connection to the Internet? Ever wonder if your Internet service provider is actually giving you the speed that they claim in their advertising? According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the majority of Internet users are getting slower speeds than their providers advertise. Some of the Journal’s findings are shown below.

PPnternet speed less than advertised
There are a variety of ways to check your download and upload speeds but an excellent one is This service is also available as an app for your smartphone or tablet.

Internet connection speeds can be affected by many factors such as the volume of traffic, so doing tests at more than one time will give a truer picture. Also, individual websites will load at different times depending on their server load, where they are, and the contents of the web page. Big graphics or extensive scripting can cause a web page to load slowly even when your connection is fine.

As described in a previous post, you can check your connection to individual websites with the command line using “ping”.

Another use of speed tests is to help you assess how well your wireless connection is working. Your connection speeds will depend on the quality of the wireless signal.

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