Quote of the week

So as things stand now, Windows 8 seems to be the worst operating system Microsoft has ever released. Few will miss it when it’s gone.
Preston Gralla at ComputerWorld

Vintage social networking

Social networking the way it used to be
Source: Wrong Hands

Quantum computing explained (sort of)

Quantum mechanics is very mysterious. I took quantum mechanics courses taught by some of the world’s most famous physicists and I used quantum mechanics almost daily for years as part of my spectroscopy research but I make no claim to understanding it. As famous quantum physicist and superb teacher Richard Feynman is supposed to have said, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don’t understand quantum mechanics.”

Quantum computing is also very mysterious but promises to be an enormous breakthrough if anyone can come up with a practical working system. Microsoft Research has a big effort in this area and their team has made a little video clip to try to make quantum computing a little less mysterious for the layman. Here it is:

Quote of the week

The next couple of years will be crucial for Microsoft, but I believe that the company has what it takes to surprise us, and that it still has a good chance of transforming itself into a company that can rise to the challenges and changes thrown up by the post PC era.
Adrian Kingsley-Highes at ZDNet

The state of knowledge

Do know or did you look it up?
Source: The New Yorker