Quote of the week

Every 15-year-old is an app waiting to happen.
—Marek Fuchs at Marketwatch

They know more about you than you do

Retailers know all about you
Source: Wall Street Journal

The vanishing of Windows 9

Windows 10 and Start Menu

Microsoft announced the name of its next big Windows release and it was a surprise. The next Windows will skip over 9, right to Windows 10. As many had predicted, the Start Menu is back along with other retrograde features. Microsoft is tacitly admitting that Windows 8 was a big mistake. Here are two links with some information and graphics.

Somehow I don’t think this reversion to a more desktop-friendly version would have happened in the Ballmer era but who knows.

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Quote of the week

The reason the world isn’t awash in cheap-but-capable handhelds is because of the gullibility of the buying public. Yes, that means you.
—John C. Dvorak at PCMag